Friends & Hills

Since about April I have been having these weird dreams of all my friends running and jumping through hills. It’s been a weird few months. It’s almost everyone who I love is on the same wavelength as far as hopes and dreams go. I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about how a lot of people in there 20s and 30s are getting back to nature. Despite being on our iphones we are capturing beauty and our little adventures. For years I expressed wanting to live on a farm one day and travel around to see the things I haven’t seen before. I am only 32 and want to see ALL the things. I have met many people who are doing this and/or dream of doing this. It boggles my mind on how this is happening and where all these folks are coming from.

I am not a city person by all means and I am slowly going back to my “roots”. I grew up with a grandpa who would wake up early and hitch a ride to the woods. This man I lost 6 years ago and miss him everyday. He told me that he spoke to God in the woods. I honestly believe that is the time that I feel energy the most. Before my grandpa had grandsons he would teach me things like fishing and wood carving. Basically, using your hands to craft things. In my job I kinda use this skill when things break…I fix them.

-Lady In Black ❤

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