A couple weeks ago a friend of mine said I attract and am attracted to those with strong personalities. This goes without saying since I feel like I have strong opinions on things myself. If I believe something I tend to stand by it. I let go of this part of me in a previous relationship, but am happy to return. The interaction I have with people now days are usually positive ones. My only hang up now days is that I could get emotionally attached to people, mostly if I know they are only in my life for a little bit. That is one thing I need to learn is to give people space. It’s not like I won’t see my friends again in the future, right? I tend to have a lot of mood swings lately. Very up and down. Mostly up. But at night it’s a little bit hard since I am alone and have a lot more time for my head to go into space. I try to vent or talk to people to help sort my brain out. I just don’t want to continue into any unhealthy habits. I try to reflect on positive things as much as possible. I purposely add positive Instagram accounts to keep me going. So with that said, I think I will be ok 🙂

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